Mission Statement

Jose Barrios Elementary
Where Everyone Makes a Difference
                 Welcome to the new Jose Barrios Elementary web site.  The teachers and staff in our school are here to help your child to be their very best.  It is important that your child enjoys their time here, and that they are challenged every day.  We need your help and commitment for our school to be successful.  

                Parent participation in your child’s education is a key element to their academic achievement.  We are hoping our site will improve the way we communicate with you.  It is our goal to involve parents in all areas of our school.  Together we will be a better school, and through your participation we will excel.

                Remember, it is our goal to see your child succeed.  Please talk to us about your child’s progress, or any concerns you have concerning their time here.  Should your child experience any serious problems, please call the office (575-956-2120) to make an appointment to talk with your child’s teacher and/or the principal.  Through an open line of communication we can address the needs of your child, and can take steps to eliminate your concerns.

                It is our hope that your child and you have a gratifying educational experience here at Jose Barrios Elementary, and that you always feel you are part of our learning community.  Together we will make our school one that demonstrates what great things can be achieved when all are involved. Remember, Jose Barrios Elementary is a school, “Where Everyone Makes a Difference”


Jose Barrios Staff